IFOR - International Festival of Rugby 1 of 6

1. Welome

As the President of Malone Rugby Football Club it gives me great pleasure to welcome all the teams, coaches, managers, support staff and supporters to this wonderful festival of Mini Rugby, the IFOR tournament.

I have always been an admirer of Mini Rugby going back to when I was a Mini Coach, so I am well aware how important it is for the development of the participants, as rugby players and as confident young people who learn to appreciate the importance of enjoyment, teamwork and discipline.

My own son played in this tournament and now aged 21 he still boasts that it was the best rugby experience that he ever had and I know many others who would agree.

This festival is recognised by every member of Malone from the executive down, as the “Premier event of the year”, assembling and organising a festival with 38 teams from Scotland, Wales and Ireland is an enormous task and we acknowledge and thank the organisers for their hard work and dedication in delivering this event.

We would like everyone to have fun, to mix and mingle, make friends, appreciate what a sport like rugby can bring in terms of a positive experience and take home happy memories of your time at Malone.

Thank you to everyone involved and in the festival organisation and those very important Mini Rugby players. I hope you have a wonderful weekend of Mini Rugby and friendship.

My family and I are eagerly looking forward to this festival, we will be there, we hope to see you too.

Michael Kearney
Malone President